10 Days 9 Nights

Riyadh - Tabuk - Neom - Al Ula - Khybar - Medinah - Jeddah

Experience life at the end of your comfort zone.

Journey through the mountain's silent hiking trails.

Breathtaking view from top of the canyon.


  • Transportation

  • Tour Guide (English speaking)

  • Meals (lunch & dinner)

  • Tour in Riyadh, Tabuk, Al Ula, Khyber & Jeddah

  • Saudi Hospitality Refreshments

Day 1 - Arrival (Riyadh)

  • Airport meet & greet

Day 2 - Riyadh Tour

  • Fort Masmak

  • Justice Square

  • Souk Al Zal

  • Najd Village

  • Al Murabba Palace

  • National Museum

  • Diriyah

  • Al Faisaliyah Tower

Day 3 - Edge of the World Trip

  • Edge of the Word

  • Pass by Abu Rashid Cave

  • Hiking the trails of Tuwaiq Mountain

  • Traditional chicken kabsa (local experience)

Day 4 - Tabuk (NEOM) Tour

  • Travel to Tabuk

  • Al Bida

  • Historic town

  • Al Taieb Valley

  • Maghaer Shuaib

Day 5 - Tabuk (NEOM) Tour

  • Tabuk city tour

  • Tabuk Castle

  • Local museum

  • Travel to Al Ula by vehicle

Day 6 - Al Ula

  • Al Hegra (Madain Saleh)

  • Hijaz Railway

  • Al Fegeer Mud Houses

  • Jabal Ithlib

  • Jabal Al Banat

  • Ancient tombs

  • Lunch

  • Elephant Rock

  • Dadan Heritage Sites

  • Jabal Ikmah

  • Dinner at local farm

Day 7 - Khyber / Medinah

  • Travel to Medinah through Khybar by vehicle

  • Old city

  • Martyr Cemetry

  • Historic Castle

  • Take train to Jeddah

Day 8 - Jeddah Tour

  • Jeddah historical zone

  • Local museum (Beit Saloum)

  • Al Shafi Mosque

  • Beit Nassif

  • Souq Alawi

  • Corniche

  • Open-air museum

  • King Fahd Fountain

Day 9 - Snorkeling Trip

  • Private reef

  • Snorkeling

  • Swimming, sunbathing & relaxing

  • Boat tour of Obhur creek

  • Jeddah Waterfront

Day 10 - Departure (Jeddah)

  • Airport send-off

  • Fort Masmak, the fortress linked to the Al-Saud family reconquering Saudi Arabia.

  • Justice Square or Deera Square was where public execution would take place. 

  • Souq Al Zal is Riyadh's oldest and the most visited souk in town. A huge contrast to the glitz and neon of the modern skyscrapers and megamalls, this market offers a glimpse of traditional Saudi culture. One can find anything from crafts, traditional outfits, carpets, footwear antiques and artifacts to incense burners, ancient armor and swords over here. 

  • Al Faisaliyah Tower a commercial skyscraper located in the business district of Riyadh. The round portion at the top of the center called 'The Globe', is one of the premier restaurants in Saudi Arabia and has 360 degree views that make it unique.

  • Edge of the World like its name is a natural wonder, a cliff in the Tuwaiq Mountains popular for hiking.

  • NEOM, is a city located in the Tabuk Province, and is planned to incorporate smart city technologies and also function as a tourist destination.​

  • Al Bida, is a historic town with caves of the ancient.

  • Maghaer Shuaib, is a historical site where Moses stayed for a decade.

  • Visit Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest conserved site of the Nabataean civilization south of Petra. Home to more than 100 tombs carved from giant rock formations, this ancient site is open for visitors to explore and learn about the culture, traditions, and history of its people.

  • Start your journey through time at Dadan the ancient Kingdom of the Lihyanite and Dadanite civilizations. Next take a 10-minute drive to Jabal Ikmah situated in a stunning desert canyon, this open-air library has the most impressive collection of inscriptions, rock art and petroglyphs in Al Ula.

  • Before the rise of Islam, this fortress town had been inhabited by Jewish tribes; it fell to Muslim forces in 629 AD. Historically, Khaybar is known for growing dates, that were generally exported to Medina.

  • Al Balad translated literally as “The Town”, was founded in the 7th century served historically as the center of Jeddah. It is the home to 500-year-old buildings, and as of 2014 added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  • Beit Saloum, one of the local museums in Al Balad that consists of a variety of items used in the past.


  • Al Shafi’i Mosque is dated to the time of the Caliph Omar, with a mihrab estimated to be closed to 1,400 years and a minaret as old as 900-year-old.

  • Nassif House belonging to once to a wealthy merchant and governor of Jeddah at the time. It was used as the royal residence of King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud during his stay in 1925.

  • Obhur Creek, a 9 km long creek popular for water activities surrounded by resorts and private beach houses. Overlooking the creek is Jeddah Tower, set to be the tallest building in the world at some point.


  • Casual wear & sneakers are recommended throughout the tour (modest wear is required for entry to certain areas).

  • Sportwear is recommended for the adventure trips.

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions and ability to swim must be informed prior of booking.

  • In some trips, the time can be flexible based on the guest's schedule (advance notice is required).

  • Activities can change due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • First aid kit will available for emergencies, and safety precautions will be practiced throughout all trips.


  • The above programs are samples based on Deira Tours’ recommendation.

  • The programs can be customized to the guests’ preference.

  • Entrance tickets (for museums & locations) and train tickets are included in the package.

  • All transportation vehicles models are 2019 or 2020.

  • 4x4 vehicles will be used for the Edge of the World trip.

  • Open sea trips may be canceled by the Coast Guard due to weather or any other foreseen circumstances.

  • The rates will differ based on the season, dates and number of guests.

  • The individual and group rates will be provided through email requests.

  • A detailed itinerary will be provided in the final quotation.

  • Other services we provide are available by request.

  • Exchange rate for 1 USD is 3.75 SAR.


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